Sony Fx30 Cinema camera Launch campaign:

The sound of silence

Sep, 2023
Brand Video Ad

Project overview

In the vibrant world of consumer electronics, Sony stands as a global leader renowned for its innovative and cutting-edge technology in the world of mirrorless cameras and lenses.

For this particular project, our focus was on the launch campaign of the Sony FX30, a groundbreaking addition to Sony's Cinema Line. The mission was clear, create a launch video ad that not only showcased the advanced technology in some of the FX30 features but also deliver a visual experience that resonates with the right target audience on a profound level.


"The Sound of Silence" seamlessly blends cinematic storytelling with the raw energy of professional swimming. Khalifa's collaboration with Yassine El Shammaa, an All African gold medalist, added a unique layer, showcasing the silent determination required for success in the sport.

The impact of "The Sound of Silence" contributed significantly to the launch campaign's success across the MEA region. The video not only highlighted the true potential of the FX30 to a mass audience but also generated a social media buzz. This project stands to shows the power of collaboration, creativity, and the transformative impact of cinematic storytelling in the world of consumer electronics.

“We admired Khalifa's dedication, effort and professionalism. In addition, he displayed a remarkable ability to capture the essence of our new camera and translate its capabilities into compelling visual content ”
Mostafa Aidaros
Marketing Manager - Egypt
Sony Middle East & Africa

The project delves into the profound dedication and relentless to succeed in what you love.

The Sony team and Khalifa collaborated closely, discussing objectives, deliverables, and choosing the key features of the unreleased Sony FX30 that will be highlighted.

From concept to execution, Khalifa's solo filmmaking approach ensured a cohesive vision.
As a filmmaker and former swimmer, this endeavour aimed to merge my two passions in a unique and challenging manner.

Shooting with a cinema camera underwater posed challenges, but added a layer of uniqueness to the storytelling.