The suite life of
st. regis

Jan, 2022
St. Regis
Cairo Almasa

Project overview

The mission for the St. Riges Cairo Almasa Hotel brand video Ad was to create a captivating and luxurious visual representation for the launch campaign of Egypt's first St. Regis Hotel.

The goal was to showcase the prestigious property and highlight the exceptional butler services, incorporating a creative concept that tells a compelling story.

In collaboration with the client, Tribe X Productions, and the team, we crafted a brand video that successfully encapsulated the opulence and sophistication of the St. Regis Cairo Almasa hotel.

The video's creative concept centered around the playful adventure of two kids exploring different aspects of the hotel,  guided by the ever-attentive St. Regis butler, while their parents indulged in a romantic date around the premises.


The challenge was not to simply showcase the property but to craft a visual narrative that would resonate with the audience.

The Preproduction phase was meticulous, from detailed food styling to collaborating with Kojak Studio for fashion styling and a thorough casting session to find the perfect actors, including the talented young actors Adam Wahdan and Rimas Hazem.
A solid mood board and shot list were developed, ensuring everyone involved understood the vision. The shoot, compressed into two intense days, demanded precise planning.

Creating a project, as simple as that.



We began by defining the scope of the project, agreeing on the creating a captivating summer video campaign consisting of five distinct Instagram Reels.

Plan & Prepare

From creating mood boards and gathering references to choosing a visual style that mimicked the vintage allure of older video cameras


The production days were intensive, with Khalifa taking on multiple roles as a filmmaker. This hands-on approach ensured that the creative vision was meticulously translated into every frame, from directing actors to handling cinematography and lighting.

Post Production

Post-production was swift, taking no longer than two weeks to finalize the video editing and coloring. This efficiency allowed for a quick turnaround without compromising the high-quality standards set for the brand video.